Inverter 60-220-06S (Uin=60 V; Uout~220 V; 50 Hz; 600 VА, sine)

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DC/AC inverter power 600VA
PN60-220-06S, PN48-220-06S

Stabilized DC/AC inverters providing, quasi-sinusoidal voltage 220Volts, 50 Hz. Inverter is intended for power any equipment, power on telephone exchanges. Inverter has a galvanic isolation (input to output),protected from short circuits and overloads, continuous operation at maximum load, thermal protection. 5-year warranty.

Technical specifications:

Feature Model Value
input DC voltage, V PN60-220-06S 53…72
PN48-220-06S 43…57
output (quasi-sinusoidal) voltage, V 215…225
output frequency, Hz 50±0,25
efficiency, % not less 85
automatic disconnection at input voltage less, V PN60-220-06S 53
PN48-220-06S 43
output power (max), W 600
output power (max short-time), W 1500
dimensions, mm 240х85х230
weight, kg PN60-220-06S not more 2,3
PN48-220-06S not more 2,4