D5-12-01 (Uin=42…72 V, Uout=5 В, 12 А, analog PKG 4611 Companies ERICSSON)

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DC/DC converter D5-12-01

DC/DC module converter D±5V-03-01 designed to supply any equipment, including work as part of digital ATS.

Distinctive features:
Two independent channels, the possibility of continuous operation at maximum load.

Technical specifications

Feature Value
Input voltage, V 42…72
Output voltage, V ±5
Output current (max), A ±12
Output power, W 60
Efficiency, % 90
Output voltage ripple, mV 60
Instability output voltage, % 1,2
Operating temperature range, °С -40…85
Withstand voltage (input to output), kV ≥1
Clock frequency, kHz 66
Dimensions, mm 75,6х75,6х15
Weight, g 200
Warranty, years 5

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