D300-12 (Ub=13,8 V; Ib=0-20 A; P=300 W, quasi sine, battery not included)

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UPS D300-12

UPS is designed to supply the various radioelectric equipment, gas boilers.

Distinctive features:
- protection against deep discharge battery;
- protection against overload and short circuit, the audio alarm and warning light;
- indication of the battery (movable-pointer voltmeter);
- an instant switch from network (input voltage) to battery and vice versa;
- ability to install the battery charge current;
- optimal battery charge mode (characteristic of I/U).

Technical specifications and features of unit::

Feature Value
input voltage, V 170…250
input  frequency, Hz 50…60
output voltage (220±5) В, 50Гц±0,5%
shape of the output voltage kvazi-sinusoidal
output rated power, W 300
output  power (max) with of the input network (220 V) , W 600
output voltage of the battery charging, V 13,8
current battery charge, set, A 0…20
while working at loosing the network at maximum
power capacity of the battery 100Ah, hours
efficiency,%, not less 90
dimensions, mm 520х410х70
weight, kg, not more 8