D30-60-02C (0…30 V, 0…60 A, Uin~220 V, 50 Hz, digital indication U and I, super high stability)

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Laboratory power supply D30-60-02C

Power supply is intended for the feed by the direct current of various radio engineering devices, and also for the use as a laboratory power supplies unit at development, adjusting and repair of apparatus radio electronic. Power supply rated for continous use, have continuously adjustable and stabilized output voltage and continuously adjustable output current limit. They switch automatically between voltage and current regulation during operation. Power supply meet TU U-1497468.001-95 and certificate of № UA1.018.08138-96.

Excellent features of unit:
- high stability of output voltage and current;
- continuous operation;
- can be used for charging batteries;
- protection from the short circuit and overloads;
- high reliability and fire safety;
- dimensions and weight are small.

Technical specifications and features of unit:

Feature Value
input voltage,V 187…242
input frequency, Hz 50…60
output voltage, V 0…30
output current (max), A 0…60
discreteness indicating voltage, mV 100
discrete indication of current, mA 100
instability in voltage regulation, mV no more 50
instability  in current regulation,% no more 0,5
output voltage ripple in voltage regulation:
effective value, % no more 0,05
peak value, % no more 0,1
efficiency, % no less 93
dimensions, mm 365х320х125
weight, kg 6